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* Updates to the Ogden Family News Blog.

*  Curt and Marchina Ogden Family Tree

* The Zona Floyd Ogden Family  by Ormel Ogden  (under Ogden History)

Welcome to this web-site....

It is still under construction, but feel free to look around. This web-site should be of particular interest to the Ogden family because of the history and pictures located under "Ogden History". It contains information about those Ogdens which are descended from John Andrew Ogden, 1863 -1899.

There is also a page devoted to Chattaroy, Washington. In 1888, John Andrew Ogden left Western Pennsylvania with his young family and settled in Chattaroy. So the Ogden family history is very much involved with "Chattaroy History". In this section are historical photos of early Chattaroy and some historical information.

Also check out the Ogden Family News Blog under Ogden Family News.

Totally unrelated is some personal stuff about me and my interests. The "My Pictures" section contains some of my pictures. The "GloryBand" page has various stuff related to our Country Gospel band called GloryBand. The "Articles" page has some writings and thoughts about what I believe and why. And there is a survey that you can fill out to tell me what you believe and why. 



                                                           John and Pam Ogden